Our Board…

Chris Beach
Jo Dierdorff
Carole Beswick
Martie Crawford
Autumn Earle
Reneé Ogletree
Kathy Peterson
Lynda Schauf
Suzy Sequeira
Jim Spee
Carlene Taylor
Katherine Thomerson
Sholeh Wolpé
Cheryl Youngwerth

Our Troupe…

Chris Beach
Jo Dierdorff
David Strausberger
Ana Gonzalez
Jessica Yowell
Erika Stein
Marisa Wessler

Our Volunteers…

Chris Burkedt
Jeff Cason
Danielle Johnston
Kristen Kucia-Stauder
Chad Ohlheiser
Susan Pantell
Theresa Van Ornum
Jeff Wilson

Our Mission…

The Performance Loft is proud to offer to its participants and to the Redlands community a dynamic variety of events that enrich the cultural fabric of our city and help us all to experience the unusual in a vibrant and creative way. We strive to serve the community in many ways: presenting innovative and original productions; developing a company of local performers; featuring monthly poetry readings with locally and nationally recognized poets; fostering The Child's Theatre; and offering classes for the community —for adults and children, for health and creative expression —so that everyone can share the experience. Housed in the historic Mitten building in downtown Redlands, The Performance Loft is the venue for alternative works where dance and theatre collide…with surprising results. The Loft performers train in Turn-on-a-Dime style —a performance approach that harkens back to the attitudes and creative explorations of artists in the sixties while helping today's artists achieve new vitality in their performances. This approach is constantly and intentionally crossing boundaries between performance genres, including theatre, dance, music, puppetry, commedia, mime and circus, to shape a physical performance style through which new works come to life and old works are reinterpreted. The resulting performance style blends the physical and emotional in a powerful and unique way, and frees performers to explore exciting new interpretations. Expect the unexpected; share in the spirit of generosity that is the essence of the Performance Loft. Our classes and our performances will open your imagination, explore your expressive capacities, and revitalize your sense of play.

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