Ryan Strassburg

Ryan was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. His mother introduced him to Elvis Presley records before he was able to shape a vowel. He began playing the violin at age 8. For his twelfth birthday he received his first electric guitar and practice amp. He sat in front of a cassette player for the next six years of his life and learned what he could by ear.

Shortly after attending the University of Kansas, he headed off to Nashville to hone in on the craft of songwriting. A year and a half later he decided to move to Orange County, CA and make a fresh start. Since 2000, Ryan has performed with an acoustic guitar, harmonica, and voice in various coffee houses, poetry venues, and bars. With the debut of his first full length album titled Child of Kentucky, Ryan has been excited to share his songs with anyone who is willing to listen.

Wednesday, November 17th
7:15 PM Mitten Bldg.
345A N. 5th Street • (909) 748-6262

Hosted by David Strausberger

Donations accepted at the door.
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