The Performance Loft is creating entertainment that is fresh and innovative. To continue do so, we need the support of theater/dance lovers and visionaries such as you.

Please help us in our endeavor to make The Loft one of the great performance companies in California. Become a supporter of the arts and soar high with us into a successful future.

Producer—$1000 or more

All contributions are fully tax-deductible and your name will appear in each of our programs.

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Our Producers…
Carole & Rick Beswick
Scott Rideout
Kathy & Steve Peterson
Carlene & Leonard Taylor
Sholeh & Allan Wolpe

Our Directors…

Shirley Harry
Gabrielle & Michael Taylor
Theresa Van Ornum

Our Benefactors…
Martie Crawford
Michael & Maria Ruth

Our Patrons…

Vicky & Steve Becker
Young W. Chung
Billie & Jim Daniel
Leota Janzen
Donna & Dick West

Our Friends

Julia & Tor Shuler
June Grube
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